Turnip House | Shropshire

Ruby and Harry

On route to this family celebration weekend in Shropshire I got a message from my sister saying that there were pigs and multiple log burners.

And so the stage was set for a cracker…

Turnip house barns Rosie in the stable Apples for the pigs Harry the pig The log store Rosie by the fire The heart of the home The locals English countryside


Taking over Turnip and Corn house on the edge of the Shropshire hills for a weekend of family chill was a portion of much needed rest. This home straight to Christmas I always find to be a weary one. I guess its a mixture of the darkness kicking in early and all of your insides craving a slower pace, hearty food and a duvet while your daily schedule powers on at full force.

Blissfully all those cravings got their longed for fix on this weekend in the countryside, and alongside all of my nearest and dearest too.

There’s an art to carving out spaces for rest in the madness of this time of year. May the force be with you in doing so, so that you and your Christmas time is kept peace filled- with all your favourites happy as a pigs in muck.

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