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The Level Collective, Old Harry's Rocks

The Level Collective, an independent clothing company for adventurers, have nailed the ‘doing stuff well’ thing with their mad good ethos (and mad good design).

An encounter I had in the Colombian jungle made me realise that I needed to get my game face on and start doing stuff well too. From where I put my energies, my money, my heart or my time- I want to make sure that the impact I have is a good one. Just like The Level Collective.

Old Harry's Rocks, Studland, DorsetOld Harry Rock'sOld Harry's RocksTea at Old Harry's Rocks, Studland, DorsetTea at Old Harry's Rocks, Studland, Dorset

Meeting Estaquio was one of those moments. Those game changers.

I was in the North East of Colombia, in a war torn jungle where land was fought over and farmers -rightful land owners- were violently forced to leave their homes. And, like a real-life thriller, they ‘disappeared’ if they didn’t.

So why was the land so precious that it cost lives? Because people can make money off it. Loads of freaking money. Money from our morning bananas and morning coffee. Money from the palm oil that goes in to our soap and biscuits.

Drinking coffee made from his home grown beans while surrounded by pigs, Estaquio told me his story. And in a moment I realised I needed to start doing life better. Starting with where I put my pounds; putting them into makers who have a kinder way of operating. One that doesn’t hurt people or the earth we share in the process.

There’s a thousand ways we can do that- this ‘doing stuff well’ thing is big.

When it comes to clothes though, for me, it usually means buying second hand. When I don’t buy second hand I buy well made.

The Level Collective fits that bill. I met Mark, the guy behind TLC and his story is a good one; they’re an adventure clothing company who’ve got heart.

T’s and jumpers by The Level Collective are made by makers who have guaranteed fair pay, fair working hours, good conditions and rights. Designs are hand created by artists and screen printed with eco-inks up north in their Sheffield base and on to organic cotton or bamboo. And, get this, after Mark volunteered on a trip to Romania a few years back their beanies are made by people who are part of a social enterprise out there. Offering people a way out of poverty. YES!

Good things like these guys should be celebrated. Sure, this stuff might cost more. It should do! No one loses out that way. And when it comes down to it, the saving on people’s lives and on the earth we share is priceless.

Well done Level Collective. You do stuff well.

*My sister, Little Ro, is wearing one of my fave jumpers by The Level Collective in these pics from our latest adventure to Old Harry


  1. litterless 1st March 2016

    Do you live near there? It’s so beautiful! Lucky ladies.

    • Rachel 1st March 2016

      Ah ha! I literally JUST posted on your site. Yep, the south coast of England is where I grew up and the family are. I’m in London now but weekends back here are bliss!

  2. Mark 10th March 2016

    Hey Rachel, this is great, thanks so much for this and for the love! Your blog is epic!


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