The Do Lectures

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It’s been about 9 months since I attended The Do Lectures, a four day ideas farm based on the premise that ‘ideas + energy = change’… so it’s round about time I birthed something from it.

I managed to sort of ninja a space (thanks to Tearfund Rhythms) at this coveted event by making a little video where I was sat in a box and spent a few minutes talking a lot about this said box. And thank God I made it there. See, I had just moved back to Dorset after a year in London and was seeking a return to what I like to call ‘the real stuff.’ You know, the stuff that isn’t in those check boxes I banged on about but the stuff around the edges.

Whole Larder Love's Rohan Anderson

It was a theme, this ‘real stuff,’ that spoken or unspoken seemed to come clanging through almost every interaction I had and every talk I heard at The Do Lectures. Giving me thankful verification that I was on an OK track with my new countryside pursuit. And these weren’t all hippy creative types either- so we can’t just blame it on that. These were business honchos and entrepreneurs- in fact one guy I made merry mates with I later learned is a writer for Forbes and had been voted #1 investor 6 times by an investing publication.

The Eating Barn at The Do Lectures

This ‘real stuff,’ this pursuit of a raw ‘humanness,’ that was scattered everywhere in what I was hearing was a welcome tune to my ears that tend to crave authenticity.

In a top-line summary: I heard talks on efficient working in order that time could be carved out for more important things. About media management systems that filter what you view so your time is not spent ploughing through the meaningless and mundane. About projects reconnecting people with nature in light of the overwhelming power this has on our well-being. About the need to cultivate creativity and the art of being craftsmen and women- creating bespoke and honest products, businesses and lifestyles. Doing what you do unapologetically so that you matter to your audience.

And that’s just the top line… (consequently I feel no shame that it’s taken 9 months to process and produce post Do!).

Spoon Carving Workshop with EJ of Hatchet and Bear

I reckon there was some magic in the water in that corner of Wales. I mean, there was this bizarre sort of freedom at The Do Lectures- a freedom that meant people were real in a way that we just aren’t in our usual contexts. You know there is that kind of rule, that if you go on a road trip or sit round a fire with someone you are unavoidably seduced into having the most real and frank chats? Fires and road trips are like a potent recipe for them. The Do Lectures was like that- a four day bonfire/road trip, infused with a rare depth and a dose of outstanding food, coffee, workshops, partial tomfoolery, and folk who had what I’d officially call ‘oomph.’

Happy Do Lectures Goers

The long and short of it is that there was a call to be a people, in your own context (whatever that looks like), that pursues that which has meaning and that is born from creativity. That is unique, that has positive impact and that is centered around stuff that actually matters.

Well, ta da!

Herein lies The Foraged Life. Say hello. My curation of the best bits of people and planet.

Supposedly the magic is in doing (The bloke behind Whole Larder Love told me so)… and I’m-a-gonna give it a good old fashioned go.

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