Sunrise Ceremony | Paris, France

Gathering for a sunrise ceremony

There is a war against Mother Earth. We would not have this climate crisis if humanity loved Mother Earth. That’s why our message as indigenous peoples, from the four corners of Mother Earth, is that people have to come back to the understanding of the sacredness of Mother Earth. Somehow humanity has lost its understanding of that sacredness- that female creative principle- of Mother Earth and Father Sky. It does not challenge the concepts of dominion over Mother Earth. All these concepts have been created by man as if they have so much power but Mother Earth is power, Father Sky is power and we have a world that doesn’t understand that. We give more rights to corporations, to mining companies, to oil. That’s why we are here.”

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Koa Tree Camp | Devon

Human's and sheep only at Koa Tree Camp

The Koa Tree Camp field lies somewhere near the Devon/Cornwall border. If it wasn’t clear- I’m a hardy Dorset girl. There’s a bit of semi-friendly, semi-aggressive beef between Devon/Dorset folk, so i’ll brush past the fact this place technically lay on the Devon side of the west country border lands. Instead I’ll focus on the fact that it is ruddy brilliant.

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Durban | South Africa

Durban's beach front

This place has had me for a while now. Like, proper got me.

It’s one to add to your world check list if you want most of your senses to be rocked. I mean, I feel pretty confident that the ‘rainbow nation’ label this country was  given can be seen best on this east coast hub.

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