Meet Eva | The Worm Whisperer from South Africa

Earth Mother, Durban“The biggest mistake people make with worms is that they fuss far too much.”

Eva knows her stuff. Especially her worm stuff. She’s not called the worm whisperer for nothing.

At the back of Eva’s store Earthmother, just behind the lush local fruit and veg, sit some tubs filled with worms working away making some of the maddest fertiliser you can get your green fingers on.

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Joe’s Cafe | Studland, Dorset

Joe's Cafe, Studland, Dorset

This little beach-hut style gem of a cafe is the first thing that greets you after a short potter from Studland village down to the seaside.

It sits nestled on South Beach, the lesser known of Studland’s beaches on this patch of Jurassic Coast (that is also quietly known as ‘the local’s beach’). Joe’s Cafe, the only option here for replenishing yourself after walking the cobwebs away, is an iconic and much-loved beach feature to locals and holiday-makers alike.

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A Simple Lunch | Foraging for cockles

Poole Harbour, during the right season, is prime for foraging cockles for your lunchCockles, whelks, winkles and the like seem to have a bad old rep next to the scallop, oyster and other such illustrious shelly company. It’s a cultural mileu I can’t get my head around, and am all up for bucking.

In my mind cockling can be found in the phrase dictionary under ‘the most simple of pleasures,’ as these guys are not only a wild blast to find but truly, and simply, tasty.

From down here in my corner of Dorset May Day is even more than the glorious posies on the door tradition (head to Little Green Shed to learn more about that) as from today we can officially cockle for our supper from the low tides of Poole Harbour.

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Meet Bheki | A grower of goodness in South Africa

Bheki outside the spinach polytunnel

There are a series of poly tunnels that sit brimming with good stuff on the edge of the community of Amaoti in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Amaoti is characterised in part by poverty and all the different traps that that relates to; unemployment, poor housing, low sanitation and malnutrition (among other things).

But boy is there community here and jees is there good stuff coming out of a space that faces huge challenges. I met some of the folk who are part of a movement implicating change here as part of the Domino Foundation team. They grow goodness in the ground that contributes to a goodness on the ground as huge numbers of orphans are fed daily from food made up of this freshly grown veg. 

Here’s Bheki, one of the team, telling his tale…

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Meet Mehmet | Foraging, slow food & sharing from a mountainside in Cyprus


Those are carob pods between Mehmets hands.

Four seeds from the pods found on the carob tree, of which one ancient one stands among Mehmets olive grove, is equal to one carat. Those seeds define an age-old way of measuring and establishing the value of precious stones and metals. That pod contains a sweet elixir too- it ups the blood count and goes gloriously well in a traditional cake (which I can vouch is made excellently by Mehmets mother)…

Mehmet is full of these nature infused gems- a natural byproduct of a childhood spent foraging with his grandfather on a mountainside in Cyprus where I was lucky to spend a few sweet days recently.

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