Meet Eva | The Worm Whisperer from South Africa

Earth Mother, Durban“The biggest mistake people make with worms is that they fuss far too much.”

Eva knows her stuff. Especially her worm stuff. She’s not called the worm whisperer for nothing.

At the back of Eva’s store Earthmother, just behind the lush local fruit and veg, sit some tubs filled with worms working away making some of the maddest fertiliser you can get your green fingers on.

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Joe’s Cafe | Studland, Dorset

Joe's Cafe, Studland, Dorset

This little beach-hut style gem of a cafe is the first thing that greets you after a short potter from Studland village down to the seaside.

It sits nestled on South Beach, the lesser known of Studland’s beaches on this patch of Jurassic Coast (that is also quietly known as ‘the local’s beach’). Joe’s Cafe, the only option here for replenishing yourself after walking the cobwebs away, is an iconic and much-loved beach feature to locals and holiday-makers alike.

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Into the Desert | Morocco by film

Hassan our Berber guide to the Moroccan desert

It’s the stars that took the biscuit.

The stars and eating the most flavourful tagines that had been cooked under the sand for hours. It was washing with water from deep wells after days spent under an unrelenting sun and travelling with Berbers on camels across a landscape that looked indiscriminate to my eye yet they read like their palm. It was running down dunes and feeling like you were wearing space boots. It was waking up and going to sleep according to the sun.

(and those stars).

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Greenhouse Diaries #2 | The Growth

Greenhouse Diaries #2 | The GrowthWell thank God for that.

The second installment of Greenhouse Diaries after the arduous build would have been a pretty slim report on empty terracotta pots and glum growers HAD our seeds not done such a ruddy good job.

To be fair, dad has been giving them daily tips on how to germinate and the like. I’m pretty sure it was the ‘well done lads, you are doing great but don’t go resting on your laurels’ [again with a pointed finger] that coaxed the seeds to shoots.

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A Simple Lunch | Foraging for cockles

All you need for a simple cockle lunch on the beach

Cockles, whelks, winkles and the like seem to have a bad old rep next to the scallop, oyster and other such illustrious shelly company. It’s a cultural mileu I can’t get my head around, and am all up for bucking.

In my mind cockling can be found in the phrase dictionary under ‘the most simple of pleasures,’ as these guys are not only a blast to find but truly, and simply, tasty.

From down here in my corner of Dorset May Day is even more than the glorious posies on the door tradition (head to Little Green Shed to learn more about that) as from today we can officially cockle for our supper from the low tides of Poole Harbour.

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