Microadventure | Into the Forest

Microadventure in the Forest

It’s 5 o’clock.

Ergo, it’s adventure time.

It’s forged out of that glorious window of time that we sort of forget to use in a wild adventure sort of way. We save camping and whatnot for the weekends or make them out to be mad expeditions and thus planned for in X amount of months.

I’ll tell you this for free though, using that sandwich between the 5pm finish and the 9am return to the office makes for some mid-week wild that will infuse the working week with more adrenaline than you can shake a stick at.

I mean, people have been having adventures like this for, well, forever. Alastair Humphreys however managed to coin it pretty sweetly (#microadventure) and makes you feel like you are adventuring among a wider community than just the sweaty bods of colleagues in the bivvy bag/hammock next to you.

It’s simple. Genuinely. A sleeping bag, a bivvy bag, some friends and a general sense of destination and you’ve pretty much nailed it. Diving out the office after work, sleeping under the stars/clouds, and heading back with leaves in your hair and scented with eau de fire in time for the working day.

Unplugging and reconnecting to your surrounds feels a weird amount of good. A kind of good that will *guaranteed* transcend the potential ache or tiredness you might well feel after nature’s absurdly early alarm clock of sun and bird chat.*

Topline: a cheeky #microadventure makes for a hearty midweek win. Go, do.

*NB: We learned this can be mitigated if you have a hammock. Those guys slept like forest kings and queens…

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