Durban | South Africa

Durban's beach front

This place has had me for a while now. Like, proper got me.

It’s one to add to your world check list if you want most of your senses to be rocked. I mean, I feel pretty confident that the ‘rainbow nation’ label this country was  given can be seen best on this east coast hub.

Bringing in the nets on Durban's beachOver Durban's railway tracksDurban's beachDurban port harbourSouth Beach, DurbanThe local wildlife


It’s famously the city with the most Indians in it outside of India (NB Durban’s greatest foodie accolade is the Indian ‘Bunny Chow’) as well as the biggest city within reach of the Zulu Kingdom. It’s a literal melting pot of cultures, traditions and beliefs and beautifully, this rich tapestry is completely visual. On one lap of the city you might witness Hindu’s offering fruit to the sea while Shembe people perform rituals around stone circles at the roadside, Hare Krishna’s walk the beach front, traditional healers offer their remedies and guidance, and churches, in all their forms, stand on most corners.

My days on my latest adventure in Durban were spent lapping it up. Sitting back on the beach front, or riding it on a bike, watching the sardines be bought in. Braiiing and bird watching (the weaver bird- my fave- is like the Kevin McCloud of the bird world, making hanging dome-like nests and rebuilding it swiftly when his female mate decides it doesn’t quite cut the nesting mustard). Discovering new bugs like the scorpion spider and new futures while having my bones read by a traditional healer.

Sure Cape Town, you’ve got game, and Jo’burg- well- you’ve got some purpose. But Durban… Durban, Durban, Durban. You’ve got my heart.


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  1. Katie Stock 16th October 2015

    You’ve got me hungry for bunny-chow now!


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