Beetroot Ketchup

Harvesting beetrootHarvesting beetroot on a London rooftopBeetroot ketchupParsnip chips and beetroot ketchupAnna Jones The Honest Burger and beetroot ketchupAnna Jones The Honest Burger and beetroot ketchup

Beetroot are that veg that, along with parsnips, are always described as earthy.

I think there is some science thing happening there to do with them being root veg and all soil-y and stuff. Whatever the science, that earthy vibe tastes right good.

Here enter a root veg adaptation of, irrefutably, Britain’s best loved condiment: beetroot ketchup.

Get 250g of tomatoes roasting in the oven until they browning, juicy and smell good (4o mins ish). Blend this with 250g of cooked beets and put  the combination on the hob on a medium heat. Add 2 cloves of crushed garlic, some grated ginger, some dried chilli flakes, and a good spoonful of cajun spice. To sweeten it up add a couple of teaspoons of honey in too alongside a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar. Let all this good stuff simmer for a while. You know the rule, the longer it simmers- the better. Ours stayed on the hob for around 40 minutes. Once cooled, jar it up and hello. A new take on a classic [warning: you might not go back and this may cause controversy].

There are some tricks to making it taste even better. Firstly, use your mate’s homegrown beets from her London rooftop (thanks Sarah) and secondly, pair it with a batch of [earthy] parsnip chips and Anna Jones ‘The Really Hungry Burger.’ And mates, obviously. Them too.

*Thanks Hannah for taking dinner pics

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