Autumn Apple Picking

Autumn apple harvesting

I wasn’t quite sure what constituted the grand title of ‘orchard’… till I googled it.

Turns out its ‘a group of fruit or nut tree’s in an enclosed space’, rendering the term orchard a bit more loose and less grandiose than we are first inclined to assume. AND SO, I spent a portion of the weekend picking apples from my friends very own grand spanking- three tree strong- orchard.

ApplesHarvesting applesAutumn apple harvestA (little bit burned) windfall apple cakeWindfall apple cake

In an effort to do one of my favourite things and make something in the kitchen which started in the garden we made an apple cake that I first spied (thanks to Laura at Circle of Pine Trees) over on the Weekends Collected site.

Technically, the cake you see before you shouldn’t have those carbon tinged edges but the problem is that on a crispy autumn weekend the lure of warm apple cake and clotted cream is just so damn strong. So we cranked up the temperature to quicken the cake eating process and the above happened.

Thankfully, the desire was so great that the carbon undertones didn’t even matter. It was the connection made to the outdoors and our plates, and the warm cake and cream that left the lasting taste.

*Thanks Hannah for your piccies + cake making encouragement

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